The startup created an antibacterial agent for smartphones and glasses


Glasses can be carriers of coronovirus infection like the surface of a smartphone

Stop Coronavirus: A Startup Has Made Pocket-Friendly Antibacterial Agent For Smartphones And Glasses

By now, the entire world has realized that germs, bacteria and viruses can do with our lives. Everyone already knows that the screen of the phone is never clean and regular disinfection is necessary. A small startup has developed a portable antimicrobial cleaning agent that can extend the life of any glass surface.

The makers of UnSmudge recall that wiping a smartphone or glasses with a T-shirt, as many do, does not completely eliminate dirt, does not kill bacteria, and even leaves microscopic scratches. is. Not to mention the coronavirus, which will be on the tissue and on the phone. Of course, you can use microfiber, but often this kind of fabric is contained in a bag, pocket or cabinet and has essentially the same disadvantage as a T-shirt.

UnSmudge is a small bottle in a soft shell, inside which there is a disinfectant. All this is stored in a transparent case. The spray is applied to the glass surface, after which it is wiped with a microfiber pad. In addition, a soft clip is designed specifically for glasses, which is convenient to clean the lens from two sides at once, without touching it.

The manufacturer claims that the spray kills all germs and viruses. In addition, the liquid can be refilled after exhausting. UnSmudge is available on Kickstarter for $ 22. Deliveries are scheduled for August 2020. About 30 thousand dollars have been invested in the project with the required limit of 5 thousand.

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Recall, researchers at Northwestern University in collaboration with the AbilityLab Institute of Rehab in Chicago developed a new wearable device to detect early signs of COVID-19 and monitor patients as the disease progressed.

The device, which can be worn around the clock, uses special sensors and artificial intelligence to reveal subtle, but potentially life-saving signals. This instrument continuously measures and interprets cough and respiratory activity using traditional monitoring systems.

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