The State Security Bureau explained why the Chornovol case was transferred to the Kiev department



The State Security Bureau explained why the Chornovol case was transferred to the Kiev department

The procedural manager decided to transfer the investigation into the arson attack from the Party of Regions office in 2014 to the Kiev branch of the State Security Bureau, as this episode is unrelated to the incident. excess of power of the police.

About this actor State Rescue Bureau director Alexander Sokolov said in an interview with UP

“The decision was made by the person responsible for the process to precisely distinguish this episode of arson in the Kiev territorial administration from the State Security Bureau. It was written in the resolution that this episode was not linked to the excessive power of the law enforcement authorities, “said Sokolov.

According to him, all the Maydan cases are linked to the excessive use by the police of their powers and to the murders of activists.

“There is no law enforcement officer in this episode, there is no crackdown on activists, but on the contrary, there is a situation where a person died who has not not participated in the protests, “added Sokolov.

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He said he was doing all the work in the State Security Bureau with the Maidan Department, stressing: The first deputy director Alexander Babikov has nothing to do with it.

“Babikov does not communicate with investigators, does not see what is the case – it is important. And I will explain why. If he does, everyone will know it right away. The guys from the administration de Maidan are not bad, but they are specific. say: “You look there, but do not look there”, – said Sokolov.

As reported by Ukrinform, popular deputy of the 8th convocation Tatyana Chornovol declared on April 10 on the social network that a search was underway in her house. She also posted a screenshot of the search order, which covers the events of February 2014.

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The GBR subsequently informed that Chornovol was suspected of having been intentionally killed following an arson attack on the Party office of the regions in 2014.

April 14, in the Pechersk district court of the capital began a hearing on the election of the preventive measure of Chornovol. The prosecution requests to be placed under house arrest 24 hours a day.

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