The tax department calculated how many millionaires in Ukraine


1200 millionaires live in the capital, 278 in Kharkov

The tax department calculated how many millionaires there are in Ukraine: where the richest live. Photo: Duma

Ukraine’s state tax service reported how many citizens declared income of more than 1 million – today there are 3150 people in Ukraine who can be considered millionaires. He paid 393 million UAH tax and more than 47 million military duty.

The largest number of people earning more than one lakh and already announced live in Kiev – about 1,200 people. The Kharkov and Dnipropetrovsk regions serve as the abodes of 278 and 270 millionaires respectively.

But most of all taxes were paid by the residents of the Lviv region (UAH 25 million) and the city of Kiev (UAH 23 million) from income received outside Ukraine. The income to be received in 2019 was declared by more than 200 thousand citizens during January – April. The total declared income was 32.1 billion hryvnia.

The reference PAYSPACE magazine

Recall that when millionaires are thriving in the country, according to the State Statistical Service and expert experts, more than 550 thousand people have already done their jobs in restaurant and hotel business, entertainment (music, lectures), services, sales, transport and tourism. Have been lost Of course, this figure does not take into account the shadow segment of the business.

As noted in trade associations, digitization of potential losses due to an epidemic is nearly impossible due to the complexity of predicting the possible scale of the spread of the virus in Ukraine.

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