The ten signs that we are on the verge of a new era of obscenity. part 2


Plato also advocated for the so-called policy of “great lies”. In his work The State, he suggested that in an ideal state, philosophical kings would spread lies in the name of the common good.

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Plato also advocated for the so-called policy of “great lies”. In his work “The State”, he suggested that in an ideal state, philosophical kings would spread lies in the name of the common good.

Joe Rogan’s stage departure Spotify

One of the most famous podcasters in the English-speaking world announced that he was moving his broadcast to the Spotify platform, where he could continue listening to it for free, though with advertising. He is probably the first of the high-profile names, thus expressing his dissatisfaction with Google towards censorship. If with Google they made $ 36 million per year on their podcasts, Spotify promised them all 100.

For Joe, this is a great opportunity to get rid of censorship – until Google buys Spotify, or until they start enforcing their restrictions. However, for us this is a great example of how the restriction of access to information begins.

Time will tell whether the mass migration of bloggers to the new platform will facilitate or limit our access to knowledge. Now in real time we are merging vast corporations of information sources, which will determine whose voice we will hear in the future.

Stage censorship Way back machine

“He who controls the past controls the future, and he who controls the present controls the past.” These prophetic words of Orwell’s novel “1984” are coming true today. WayBackMachine’s online collection is an amazing place where you can see the sites they were in years ago. It happened that he helped to highlight the editing of already published articles. But, unfortunately, they are turning censorship into darkness.

WaybackMachine recently began flagging some archive pages as illegal. In hindrance, he decides that any news or incident was false. It is only a matter of time before they begin to seize original material or replace “misinformation” with their “verified facts”.

Free scientific discussion

We are not surprised today when scientists and doctors are fired to support the principles that run counter to the “proven scientific community”. Behind this horrific situation is fear of hurting someone else’s feelings, especially if this “someone” has access to high-profile media resources. But scientists should have access to the fresh air of scientific debate. If we are not allowed to dispute ideas, how can we prove their decline?

In an atmosphere of racial and gender tolerance, a new theology has arisen, a tyranny for heretics, and a modern alternative to persecution and instability burning at stake.

Zombie apocalypse

After quarantine is removed, many people go shopping. However, according to sanitary rules, stores are forced to limit the number of visitors who are inside at one time.

As a result, long lines sometimes accumulate at the entrance. People politely expect the opportunity to enter with a smartphone in their hands. They do not talk, do not exchange knowledge, do not read books or newspapers, only play games on smartphones or watch videos. This is a voluntary zombie apocalypse.

You won’t be able to fully appreciate how scary it is until you see the crowd of people staring at the screen with an expressionless face. We ourselves must stop the voluntary destruction of our brain, but at the present level it seems unrealistic.

Historical sources of information may disappear

Social distance can have many unexpected consequences. In some places, cash has already been banned, as the virus is well on paper. It is easy to assume that such a repository of human knowledge as libraries and museums can be closed under this excuse – “in the name of public safety”. If partially other events described above do not occur at the same time then the person may partially come to terms with it.

When all information sites, Wikipedia coma (which has lots of questions) disappear after the Internet-initiated catastrophe by Google, we will be cut off from the knowledge accumulated by our forefathers at sea, on the basis of which we have studied our modern society. build out.

Why is this happening?

A large corporation is easier to control than many smaller ones. For many years, the means of production have accumulated in the hands of big monopolists and the destruction of small business. Those powers, no matter how you say them, understand that symmetry is needed to maintain control over wider sections of society. It may not be an infallible reason for the changes we are experiencing, but it can be said that every day more and more information disappears from the Internet and becomes inaccessible.

We can no longer pretend to live in the height of knowledge. On the contrary, we are on the verge of one of the darkest eras in human history. Perhaps a consolation for us can only derive another positive quote from Eliot: “There is the glory of darkness.”



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