The terrorists of the “LPR” were between two fires: the counter-attack of the APU caused a panic in the direction of the “republic”



The leadership of the “LPR” is extremely dissatisfied with its individual mercenary groups, which are causing an escalation. The APU counterattack forced the leaders of the “republic” to bow before the recognition of the need to punish their own combatants with a prison sentence.

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It is reported by “Dialogue“, Reports” NPF “.

The bombing of the Ukrainian armed forces in the Luhansk region, which took place on June 6, led the Ukrainian fighters to repel the enemy by suppressing the offensive. After the Ukrainian armed forces’ counterattack, the terrorists suffered serious losses and ceased their combat activities, abandoning the attempts to attack.

One of the famous “LPR” activists, Maxim Fomin, pseudonym Vladlen Tatarsky, said that after such a disastrous and unauthorized attack by mercenaries, they risked a prison sentence.

“Now they have arrested the commander of RTGr. They try to make him guilty of failure. The cowardly leadership of the “LPR” is unable to encourage the activity of the combatants, and under such conditions they are doomed to failure, “said Vladlen Tatarsky.

Recall, as previously indicated, the mobilization in “DPR”: a Russian propagandist told in detail the bloody plan of Pushilin.



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