The test was carried out too late and they searched for the drugs themselves: the media discovered the details of the military death of a coronavirus



Irina Goncharova, 43, was the first to die from a coronavirus in the Ukrainian armed forces: she fell ill on March 21 and was diagnosed with coronavirus only after her death on April 6.

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Irina Goncharova worked in the military unit of the village of Delyatin, in the Ivano-Frankivsk region. A woman served a boiler room in a military city.

According to Oleg Leonidovich, the head of Irina, she fell ill again on March 21 and on the 23rd she went on sick leave:

“She was under the supervision of a family doctor, but her condition deteriorated considerably and had to be hospitalized at the hospital in the central district of Nadvirnyanskaya. Irina was later transferred to intensive care. “

The deceased’s husband, Valery Goncharov, is also a soldier. When his wife went to the hospital, he bought all the drugs at his expense:

“When we discovered this situation, we also helped. We looked for medicines all over the region, they were nowhere to be found, “ added Oleg Leonidovich.

Note that despite the fact that Irina was hospitalized on March 26, she was tested for coronavirus shortly before her death:

“On the morning of April 6, Ira died, and a few hours later, at 10 am, the results came with a confirmed coronavirus.”

We add that the deceased woman lived in the same apartment with her husband, an elderly mother and two children born in 1999 and 2003. From now on, they are all in isolation under the close supervision of doctors. At the moment, they have no symptoms of coronavirus.

Recall that we wrote earlier that the APU had recorded the first death from coronavirus.



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