the time has come for the first landmarks


There will be many months before the official presentation of the new Note 20 line, which will debut next summer. MeanwhileThe time has come for the first tests for the new Samsung Galaxy Note 20+ 5Gthe possible future top of the range of the Note 20 line in the next few months (unless the Note 20 Ultra is expected to debut).

The prototype Samsung Galaxy Note 20+ 5G, tested in this watch, presents SoC Qualcomm Snapdragon 865, thereby confirming the previous rumors about the presence of the same SoC, which we find in the Galaxy S20 line (which in the USA has a Snapdragon 865). Naturally confirmed the presence of 5G support. The prototype tested in the benchmark has 8 GB RAM but it’s easy to imagine the appearance of 12 GB of RAM options.

Test confirms availability Android 10 as an operating system. The new Note 20 will be released with the current version of Android, and not with the future Android 11, which should be ready by the end of summer. The operating system will be configured using the One user interface, which, as soon as the debut of the new Note 20 line, appears version 2.5 going to introduce some new features.

Recall that Samsung Note’s current reference point range is Galaxy Note 10+, available around 800 euros.


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