The United States and the United Nations Military District tactical groups of the Rozgortanny Battalion of the Russian Federation in the Donbas



The United States and the United States have confirmed that I have received information from the ZMI for the information of the legal representative GI “Rights Right” on the preparation of the Russian military provocations in the Donbass.

In ORLO vidbulosy rozgortannya tactical group of the battalion of the Zbroyny forces of the Russian Federation. The first special follow-up report (SMM) of the General Assembly was approved by regular participants, and not just by “graduates”.

I am grateful to the respect of those who have SMM OBSЄ confirmed the information for the next day after receiving the information from ZMІ. Wanting, for assessments of special services, for the decryption of a citizen without driver, information and information, a maximum of ext. I don’t rule out that I need to find out about the most detailed combat technology, which is improved considerably hour by hour, but it is much better to use it.

I do not exclude that the SMM violated the availability of information on the redeployment of the colony from the territory of the Russian Federation to the public at the ZMI, which has already seen the suspension of interest, because it was possible to pass by the same colony of technicians. All my good omen, even at the last minute from the house of Bulo, at a minimum, f ’. If GI “Rights on the Right” gave information to ZMІ on the accumulation and redeployment of Russian technology, the SMM OBS was informed two days later. From side to side, the information was covered by an independent side. “Water time, my wife shouted, why Mysia reacted with such hooves.”

Before the speech, with the exception of OBS, information on the passage of technical technology, and the state of the United States. Permanent Representative of the United States to the Commonwealth of Independent States James Gilmore weekly online publication For the Commonwealth of Independent States 11 verses stating that you can see the SMM OBS from your own convoys, at night you must go secretly to the Federation to subscribe for further information. “Americans did not believe much in Russian version, even humanitarian aid collapsed at night, at CPVV, in male streets and on the roads of the population of the colonies So the zatsіkavlenі of the United States, on the one hand, sneak into the Russian Federation, and on the other – to give food to European partners, the abonos took the whole situation under control.

I will name, for the moment, an hour of the offshore utility furthest from the besplotnik, the SMM of the OBSЄ zafiksuvala in occupied Lugansk, about 70 divers vіyskoy type, repair and evacuation vehicles, two T-64 tanks and two LV armored vehicles.

Vlasne, for information, I confirmed earlier that I had published information on the “rights to the right” on the accumulation of technology at the base of Lutra, and I also confirmed that I had information on the BTR-80.

Interruptions, which are important for occupants to keep up with important technologies, snippets of information from ZMI, special services from << LPR >> and the Russian Federation have launched a series of operational calls to reduce the need for information on the nature of the colony, the time of technical knowledge. I guess right now, during the whole period in the territory of “LNR”, I got a glimpse of the stellar sound of the Internet, the number of roadblocks increased and in Ukrainian ZMI I started disseminate information about the so-called. “Mine strikes.” The occupiers explained the need to fight against the coronavirus and the “miners’ strikes”. I am very grateful to you for the fact that since I suddenly heard about it, I checked the accumulation and the nomenclature of our technology, the “striking” with a divine rank is in fact null.

I also want to say that the rogue invaders will use the complex for medical protection, rightly so that you can see the channels of information about the situation in ORDLO in Ukraine.

A terrorist shouted the passage of checkpoints at the entrance of the country for the citizens of Ukraine to ORDLO and added new vimogi peretina – front lists with the addresses of the majority of residents, observers and cars -insulators. It is an important moment, for some reason, not having bordered on respect. This rank of LNR special services has been magnetized by MINIMIZUVITI VITIK INFORMATSII ORDLO before the Ukrainian special services and take control of these people. The main reason for this is the complex of operational calls, a kind of activity in the hourly occupation of territories.

Utim, I direct the problem of this situation, I inject into the Ukrainian sub-robotic security structures.

Pereusіm, winikaє food at the headquarters of the Ministry of Education and Science. The stench actually “overslept” the production of dodatkovy pidrozdіlіv ZS RF. First of all, there is no similar problem – the situation is similar to serious, since we have thought about those who are on the territory of the Lugansk region, they are engaged in tactical battles, and they have lots of technical resources. “LPR”. The lack of reaction to this information was raised during the local rally on the Stakhanov-Pervomaisk line and the seizure of the stronghold of the Ukrainian platoon “Banya”.

Tobto, winikaє nutrition, why didn’t I need to start over, did the Ukrainian structures, like a bit of control and a situation in the ARDS, demonstrate, as a minimum? And first of all, what is the best thing to do about rogortannya, not even okremich pidrozdіlіv, but the entire battalion tactical group of the aggressor.

Yak was earlier, Russia and the control of LNR militants were preparing for new provocations in the Lugansk region. The Kremlin plans to call Ukraine into an urgent battle, take a look at the new CPVI, and try to rub Kiev to the lofty plan of the Minsk weekend.



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