The UOC-MP can allow believers to consecrate the paskos themselves



The UOC-MP can allow believers to consecrate the paskos themselves

The Ukrainian Orthodox Church of the Moscow Patriarchate is considering several options for blessing the Easter baskets for Easter.

This was said by a permanent member of the Synod of UOC deputy Anthony Pakanich on the program “Freedom of expression of Savik Shuster”, reports a correspondent for Ukrinform.

“Regarding the consecration of the Easter baskets, we are considering several options which have been agreed with the national police. The first option is to go to the temple at the end of the service, I insist not in large numbers, but for one or two masked people, and observing the distance And there, they dedicate an Easter basket … The second option is more on the parishes of the city, when the priest can walk along the street, and people who go out with baskets will receive the consecration. And the third option, as an exception. If a person cannot consecrate the basket with the priest, permit to read the “Our Father”, and consecrate yourself from the ‘holy water’, – says Pakanich.

He noted that the UOC-MP services will be performed, but with certain restrictions – no more than 10 people in churches during the service. He urged all believers to treat these restrictions with understanding and accept this situation. If you cannot be in the temple, then pray at home while watching the online broadcast.

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As reported by Ukrinform, President Vladimir Zelensky called on church leaders of all faiths to organize services without the presence of believers, so as not to create a crowd of people and thereby contribute to the spread of the coronavirus.

The Orthodox Church of Ukraine will not hold traditional joint consecrations of Easter dishes in churches and on temple grounds, and visits to cemeteries on funeral days have been postponed until June 6.

The Ukrainian Greek Catholic Church has urged not to bring Easter baskets to the church for Easter. Everyone can bless the willow and Easter baskets in their own homes using online broadcasts.

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The primate of the UOC (MP), Metropolitan Onufry, said that at Easter, services in the temples will take place, despite the quarantine.

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