The US is expanding the ban, while China is preparing restrictions for Apple and Qualcomm


The economic war between the United States and China continues. The battlefield, again, is the world of technology. The Trump administration, in fact, has advanced ban for Huawei in order to prevent the use by a Chinese company that no longer has access to Google services of microchips made (outside the United States) using American technology.

The new restrictions provided for Huawei take effect immediately, without any restrictions for the Chinese company. Meanwhile, a Chinese newspaper, very close to the local authorities, showed that it was under study there.counter-step by the Chinese government who is preparing for introduce several american companies iin a special list “Unreliable” companies.

Among the companies that may be affected by the new measures of the Chinese government, we find an Apple is an Qualcomm, two of the main companies in the american technology world but also Cisco system is an Boeing. At the moment, in any case, there is no official confirmation by the government regarding this particular provision.

It should also be noted that Huawei also chose not to comment on the US statement on the extension of the ban, which has been in effect for about a year. More details will certainly come in the coming days. Stay tuned for all the news about the situation.


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