The war in Donbas: during the last day, the enemy made 11 bombings



Pro-Russian Ordlo activists continue to actively bombard Ukrainian army positions on the front.

Ukrainian military
Ukrainian military. Photo –

About this writes “MFN”, referring to press center OOS.

According to the morning report, during April 2, the enemy opened fire on Ukrainian defenders 11 times.

As pointed out at United Forces headquarters, in six cases, the enemy used weapons prohibited by the Minsk agreements. We are talking about mortars, grenade launchers, heavy machine guns and light weapons.

The bombing of the militants was the underdevelopment of colonies such as: Avdeevka (three times), Pavlopole, Sands (three times), Shirokino, Bogdanovka, Starognatovka (twice).

To stop the bombing by illegal armed groups, the Ukrainian army had to fire, after which the enemy stopped firing.

Fortunately, after the bombing of the terrorists, none of the combatants of the Armed Forces were injured. In addition, according to headquarters, none of our soldiers in the Donbass has a coronavirus.

Recall that we wrote earlier on the situation in the Donbass on April 1.

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