The war in Donbass: during the last day, ORDLO fighters violated the regime of silence 8 times



On June 28, the day of Ukraine’s constitution, Russian mercenaries actively bombed the positions of Ukrainian defenders. In addition, the activists decided to shoot civilians in the village of Pivnichne.

War in Donbas
War in the Donbass. Photo –

This was reported in the siege morning report. Environmental protectionwrites “MFN”.

For the bombing, the invaders used prohibited artillery systems, mortars, grenade launchers, heavy machine guns and various small arms.

Under enemy fire were the APU positions near Lugansk (three times), Mironovsky, Novozvanovka, Starognatovka, Avdeevka and Vodyan.

Fortunately, after such intense bombing by the armed forces, there was no loss.

In addition, pro-Russian activists opened fire on n.a. Pivnichnoe, which is located near Toretsk. The occupiers fired the Pivnichnaya rocket from the ATGM, which flew into the building courtyard: the rocket fragments damaged neighboring houses, but fortunately none of the civilians were injured.

To force the enemy to remain silent, the APU combatants were invited to retaliate against the terrorists: according to information, following the APU’s return fire, two invaders were killed and another injured .

Recall that we previously wrote about the situation in the Donbass on June 25.



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