The war in Donbass: ORDLO activists violated the silence regime 16 times



The Russian occupiers of Donbass continue to actively bombard the Ukrainian army and to violate all agreements.

War in Donbas
War in the Donbass. Stock Photo –

This was reported by “MFN” referring to the headquarters Environmental protection.

According to the press center, yesterday May 25, activists from Donbass violated the silence regime 16 times. During the bombing, the enemy also violated the Minsk Accords using prohibited mortars, grenade launchers, BMP weapons, heavy machine guns and various light weapons.

The enemy positions were under enemy fire near colonies such as Sands, Orekhovoye, Bogdanovka (three times), Pavlopole (twice), Avdeevka (twice), Berezovoye, Maryinka (twice), Krasnogorovka, Vodyanoye, Orekhovoye, Luganskoye.

Fortunately, after such intense bombing, none of their Ukrainian soldiers were injured.

Not all enemy attacks were left unanswered by the Ukrainian armed forces: four invaders were subsequently wounded.

Among the military organizations for the protection of the environment of Donbass, there is no case of coronavirus.

Recall that we wrote earlier on the situation in the Donbass on May 24.



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