The weather in Ukraine may deteriorate sharply: weather forecast for April 13, 2020



According to the weather forecast, on April 13, Ukraine is still hot, but the weather can deteriorate sharply, the changes will be quite visible.

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The weather forecast for April 13, 2020.
In Ukraine, the weather is changing in the direction of deterioration, cooling and rain are expected. Photo:

The weather in Ukraine on Monday April 13 will be hot, but it will rain, which will last most of the week.

It will start raining in the West today in four regions: Lviv, Volyn, Rivne and Zhytomyr, but will go further.

In the rest of Ukraine, Monday will be dry, sunny with few clouds. But on Tuesday, the rainy weather will start to move east. In general, in Ukraine, rains are expected until Friday.

The air temperature in the West, despite the rain, will remain the highest in Ukraine – +18 +22 degrees. It will be relatively colder in the Center +17 +21, in the South it will sometimes drop to +12, and in the East – to +13.

In Kiev, no precipitation so far. On Monday, the bright sun of the capital will change with a light cloud cover and the air temperature may reach 15-17 degrees in the body.

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