The week begins with pleasant warming: weather forecast for April 6, 2020



Meteorologist Natalia Didenko forecasts that the long-awaited warming will begin in Ukraine on April 6.

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Weather forecast for April 6, 2020.
In Ukraine, the long-awaited warming begins. Photo:

The weather in Ukraine on Monday April 6 and from now on will be sunny and hot in all regions of Ukraine without exception, and only in some places a slight cloudiness will be observed. In addition, everything goes in the direction that the nights will warm up.

The average air temperature will increase by 1 to 5 degrees depending on the region. On Monday, the hottest regions of the country will be the West and the South. Here the temperature rises to 12 – 17 degrees Celsius. It will be a little cooler in the center and east comparatively – + 10 … +13 degrees.

The nights of April 6 and 7 are probably the last cold nights of this spring. From April 8, the night temperature will not drop below 3 to 7 degrees with a plus.

In Kiev, the average weather in Ukraine will traditionally be displayed. In the capital on April 6, it will be sunny with few clouds, and the air temperature will be at + 12 … +14 degrees.

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