The weekend exchange rate may surprise: the dollar and the euro paused, what Ukrainians can expect in exchangers



The exchange rate in Ukraine for the weekend of April 11-12 will surprise everyone, the dollar and the euro have decided to pause before another fall.

This is reported by the NPF with reference to

Exchange rate as of April 11, 2020.
The dollar and the euro paused before another fall. Photo:

So, for one hundred dollars, you have to pay 2,725.98 UAH. And on Monday, the currency will fall again to 2720.22 (-5.73).

A similar situation is expected with the euro: today the euro will trade at 29.6382 hryvnia per unit. And already on Monday, its decline is expected, at 29.5606 (-7.76).

Analysts said the Ukrainians will not be able to make money in the near future on the dollar exchange rate; weak activity will continue in the interbank market for both exporters and importers. .

Therefore, earning money on the price breaks will not work, and it will be more profitable for Ukrainians to do the opposite.

“This means unstable stability with short-term volatility (large fluctuations). Let’s say that someone entered the market with a proposal for a significant amount of currency and lowered the rate, there are no offers for tomorrow and the rate increased. “ – expert Andrey Shevchishin explained the nuances of the market.

Official April 11 exchange rates:

1 US dollar costs 27.2598 hryvnias;

1 euro – 29.6382 hryvnias;

1 Russian ruble – 0.3668 hryvnias.

Exchange rate of dollar cash in Ukrainian banks: purchase 27.0 – 27.2 hryvnia for 1 dollar, sale 27.4 – 27.5 hryvnia.

Previously reported on the exchange rate on April 10, 2020.



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