The woman did not let the breadwinner return home from Poland: the man isolated himself on the street at night



A curious incident occurred in Ternopol. The wife did not allow her husband to return from Poland. The breadwinner did not count on such a reception, but did not argue and spent the night in self-isolation on the street.

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The husband did not let her husband come home from work.
The wife did not allow the breadwinner to return home from Poland. Photo:

Information about this incident was reported by the press service of the Ternopil region police:

“In Ternopol, a man who returned from abroad was not allowed to return home by his relatives. A resident of the regional center had just worked in Poland. According to the rules established during the quarantine, he wanted to isolate himself, but his wife did not let him enter the room. “

The next day, the Ternopolitan contacted the police. There he was helped to find employment in one of the medical institutions for people who have nowhere to go by self-isolation after returning from abroad.

The press service recalled that self-isolation should last 14 days from the time of crossing the border.

The quarantine is monitored daily by the police.

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