The word “Dyakuyu” appeared in Berlin at the Brandenburg Gate



On May 8, the Brandenburg Gate in Berlin, which is one of the main symbols of present-day Germany, was decorated with a hologram with the main dates of the Second World War and frames from the chronicle of military events of these years.

This is reported by the NPF, referring to

Brandenburg Gate in Berlin.
Hologram at the Brandenburg Gate in Berlin. Photo:

On this day, all the countries of the European Union celebrated the day of victory over Nazism. It should be noted that the hologram was decorated with words of gratitude to the participants of the anti-Hitler coalition in different languages. There is also the Ukrainian word “Dyakuyu”. This defeat underscores the price that the victors had to pay to defeat the Nazis.

Video with a hologram appeared on Facebook on the Berlin Cultural Project organization page.

According to the organizers of the project, the Brandenburg Gate hologram will be visible until September 2, 2020, i.e. the date of the capitulation of Japan and the end of the Second World War.

“Dyakuyu” is symbolic and not surprising, because during the war in Ukraine, the Nazis destroyed more than 10 million more people.

Earlier, it was reported that in Prague, toilets had been installed in place of the demolished monument to Marshal Konev.

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