The world after the pandemic: experts have said what humanity will have to accept to travel the world



Former Minister of Foreign Affairs of Ukraine, Head of European, Regional and Russian Studies Program Pavel Klimkin and Senior Expert of the Institute for the Future of Ukraine Andreas Umland believe that after the pandemic of coronavirus, humanity will be forced to abandon biometric passports. And instead of them, we will issue biopassports.

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After the coronavirus pandemic, humanity will face a new world and new rules in this world. Experts Pavel Klimkin and Andreas Umland believe the era of biometric passports is coming to an end.

If we are to travel the world, fingerprints and retina images will not be enough. Klimkin and Umland think that in the future we will be forced to use biopassports.

“Now for this” luxury “(travels. ed.) will have to pay for access to your medical data. In addition, it is very likely that we will even be forced to agree to monitor our health parameters in real time. The only question is who and how will assess this data, access and protection, ”write experts.

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