The world celebrates Labor Day



The world celebrates Labor Day

The world celebrates Labor Day

05/01.2020 08:54


Today in Ukraine and in many countries around the world, May Day or Labor Day is celebrated.

Now May Day is somehow celebrated in over 80 countries, however, the names of this holiday are different: Labor Day, Spring Day, May Day, Spring and Holiday Labor, 8 o’clock holiday and Lily of the Valley day. 55 other countries celebrate Labor Day on the last days of the year. Let’s say that in the United States, it falls on the first Monday in September and in Japan on November 23. In Australia, the eight-hour day is celebrated on different days in different states.

However, not only the names differ, but also the traditions of the May 1 holiday celebration. For example, the French celebrate the Day of Joan of Arc, the Day of the Queen (Virgin Mary) and the Day of Lily of the Valley; Among the English, May 1 is associated with Maypole, Green Jack, Robin Hood and takes place in costume evening; in Spain – Green Santiago, a feast of lovers and flowers; in the Scandinavian countries on the night of May 1 (Walpurgis night), make fires, do round dances to ward off trolls and witches, and the day itself is called cuckoo day. But in Switzerland, the Czech Republic, Slovakia, Hungary, May trees are planted in front of the windows of girls and relatives.

Ukraine is still having discussions about Labor Day. However, the political component of this day is gradually moving away and is today turning into an opportunity to relax.

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