The world’s weirdest urban legends


Some of them are based on real events, others are pure fantasy, and in some cases, the boundary between reality and imagination may be unclear or unclear.

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People are interested in all kinds of legends. Some of them are based on real events, others are pure fantasy, and in some cases the boundary between reality and imagination may be unclear or unclear.

Urban legends fall into the latter category, but in one form or another they can be found in any culture and society.

The strangest urban legends include the following.

Electric killer fan

Some South Koreans believe that you cannot leave the fan for the night, it can be fatal. Although in very rare cases, the fan may actually fail and catch fire, fear is not what causes it. There is a belief that whoever goes to bed in a room with a working fan probably never gets up.

The legend seems to have its roots as far back as 1927, when an article published a warning that fans circulating steady air could cause nausea or suffocation.

God of zambezi river

In 1955, an Italian construction company began work on the construction of the Cariba Dam on the Zambezi River in Zimbabwe. The project promised to produce huge amounts of electricity, but at the cost of forcibly evicting thousands of local residents from their homes and from their land.

There were fears that the troubled gods of the Zambezi River would ease their anger at the people in the form of floods and other terrible disasters.

In 1957, an unprecedented storm hit the dam. The damage was extensive, and many Italian builders died. Construction was postponed for several months, but work resumed later.

Exactly one year later, a second, even stronger flood occurred. Some more laborers died.

Finally, the construction of the dam was completed, but by that time 82 builders had died. Some believe that the dam has protected the river god from his wife, and to date he has not given up his intention to destroy it.

Okay, very similar. Engineers warned that the Kariba Dam is in urgent need of major repairs, there is a risk of its complete destruction, which would have disastrous consequences.

Jack jumper

In the 1830s, London was in the grip of fear. The unknown attacked young women throughout the city, and the police seemed powerless to take them into custody. It was also not clear that the stranger was a man at all. Eyewitnesses reported that she was in a demonic form, she spewed flames and jumped surprisingly high. He came to be known as Jack Jumper.

In 1838, a man named Thomas Milbank in one of London claimed that he was none other than the mysterious Jack Jumper. He was immediately arrested for attacking Jane Alsop. However, they soon released him, as he could not spew fire, and Jane Alsop was adamant that flames start coming out of his criminal’s mouth.

It is difficult to say who stood behind the mysterious Jack Jumper, but the legend is still alive, and reports of rare cases of such attacks continue to this day.

Chernobyl Black Bird

Many people know that there was an explosion at the Chernobyl nuclear power plant, and only the liquidator’s heroism prevented much havoc that would make a significant part of Europe unsuitable for life.

Thousands of people were evacuated from the areas around Chernobyl after the disaster, and many still talk about the terrifying ghosts that were the precursors of the disaster.

In the weeks leading up to the accident, he reportedly saw a terrifying human creature with huge wings and eyes, glowing like hot coals. This creature was dubbed the black bird of Chernobyl.

Whether this precursor to trouble has some basis in reality is impossible to say for sure.

Australian falling bear


The creature is said to be a relative of koalas, but much less attractive. Approximately the size of a leopard or large dog, this predator attacks with an ambush. He suddenly falls on his prey from the trees, tearing it with his powerful claws and sticking poisonous pointy stones into it. Sometimes he also attacks people.

In fact, a falling bear is an urban legend, invented to frighten and entertain tourists, or to play journalists greedy for condolences.



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