There are plans to appoint 2 thousand employees in the largest bank


Thus, the financial institution wants to help university graduates with job search

There are plans to have 2 thousand employees in Asia’s largest bank. Photo: Connected

Amid the coronovirus epidemic, DBS, the largest bank in the Asia-Pacific region, announced plans to hire more than 2,000 new employees.

According to the information, new posts will be formed in more than 1 thousand jobs, including vocational training for university graduates. In addition, the bank will leave its internship program unchanged, recruiting 400 young professionals annually.

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Earlier, DBS announced that it would pay and employ all 12 thousand employees of the corporation. Employees with sluggish work experience can engage in continuing education through an online training program from DBS.

It has been reported that 360 posts out of 2 thousand vacancies will be related to technical areas – UX / UI, data analysis, fraud, banking and consumer technologies. In addition, DBS plans to train and recruit more than 60 people in the areas of artificial intelligence, cloud computing, integrated application development, etc.

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It was earlier reported that DBS has launched a payment service for the B2B sector based on QR codes. The financial product was created based on information received from the owners of restaurant business enterprises during the 20 DBS workshops. The new service is a comprehensive QR-based platform that provides fast cashless payments and automatic reconciliation of accounts.

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