There are priests, but there are priests: Tomenko marked the Moscow Patriarchate for non-compliance with quarantine



The head of the public movement “Ridna Kraina” and a well-known politician Nikolai Tomenko sharply criticized the representatives of the Moscow Patriarchate for their ignorance of the quarantine introduced into Ukraine to fight against coronavirus infection.

This is reported by the NPF with reference to

Nikolay Tomenko.
The priests of the Moscow Patriarchate continue to ignore the quarantine. Photo:

The corresponding statement posted by Tomenko on his Facebook page. The politician draws attention to numerous cases of violation of quarantine restrictions by priests of the Moscow Patriarchate.

Despite the call by the authorities and the head of the Ukrainian Church, Epiphanes, to the Ukrainians to observe a regime of self-isolation and stay at home, and even after dozens of priests from Pechersk’s Lavra Kiev have been in hospital, many priests of the Moscow Patriarchate accept a crowd of parishioners.

This was particularly evident on April 12, Palm Sunday. (See Video)

As Nikolay Tomenko said, “In Ukraine there are churches, but there is the Patriarchate of Moscow; there are priests, but there are priests. “ At the same time, the politician recalled the words of Taras Shevchenko, who bequeathed to pray the truth and no one else.

In addition, the head of “Rіdnії Kraїini” turned to the police.

“I appeal to the Interior Ministry, which costs Ukrainian taxpayers almost 93 billion hryvnias. Are your police afraid or too respectful of the Moscow Patriarchate and the priests for whom the money from the coronavirus is more important than human health and human life ?! Or are all the forces involved in the fight against swimmers in the Hydropark, small shops and dog lovers in the parks and squares? “ – wrote Tomenko.

As part of this position of the Russian church, the politician suggested, after the lifting of the quarantine, to check the taxes of this organization.

Earlier it was reported that Ukraine was going to work, the Cabinet announced a plan to complete the quarantine.

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