There is a good reason – the residents of Ordlo reported a drivers’ strike in occupied Donetsk



Residents of busy Donetsk on social media complain that they couldn’t get to work today. According to local residents, bus drivers # 11 and # 4 went on strike. They ask their employers to lower the plan.

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This was reported by the portal Donpressreferring to the occupation media, reports MFN.

Busy Donetsk residents actively socialize on the transportation collapse that occurred today, April 15, on social media. Local residents write that the bus drivers went on strike and did not take the route. People, in turn, couldn’t get to work on time.

“They go on strike. They don’t think about people at all. How to get to work at such an hour? “

“If there is a strike, then there is a good reason. Our people don’t go on strike so often, respect the rights and freedoms of others, ”write residents.

“The drivers can’t work on the 16-hour plan and carry money from home to give the plan and refuel the bus, did any of the passengers think about it?”

But the occupant-controlled Donetsk Aboriginal telegram chain reports that employers have set higher income standards for drivers.

“Avtotrevel management refuses to lower cash withdrawal rates despite an objective drop in passenger flow, and the conflict between owners and drivers has a long history,” the source said.

We previously reported that Piontkovsky had spoken of the main danger to Putin now.

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