There is hope: Liya Akhedzhakova called the conditions for the reconciliation of Ukraine with Russia



Russian actress Liya Akhedzhakova, in an interview with the observer, expressed the opinion that the Ukrainian people will never forgive the Russian authorities for the annexation of Crimea and the war in Donbas.

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Liya Akhedzhakova on the conditions of reconciliation between Ukraine and Russia.
The Russian actress hopes for a reconciliation of Ukraine and Russia. Photo:

Akhedzhakova recalled the occupation of Poland by Stalin in 1939 and the massacres of captured Polish army officers in the Katyn forest and compared it to the situation in Ukraine.

“Maybe the Ukrainians will never forgive us for Crimea or Donbas, it’s unknown. Here are the Poles for the fact that Stalin and Hitler once divided Poland in recent years, and they cannot forgive. And it’s unlikely that Katyn will forgive us, even when they forget the word Katyn, “ – stressed the actress.

According to the actress, she has hope for Russian youth, who in recent years have increasingly demonstrated against the Putin regime.

“Now, a new generation of young politicians and educated people with their civic attitude has declared itself. There is hope. But I don’t know when we will make peace with Ukraine. Maybe tomorrow, or maybe 100 years from now, “ – said Akhejakova sadly.

Earlier, it was reported that the coronavirus would speed up Putin’s departure.

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