There is no evidence that diabetes increases the risk of COVID-19 – Professor



There is no evidence that diabetes increases the risk of COVID-19 - Professor

People with chronic illnesses, especially diabetes, are at higher risk during the coronavirus epidemic.

The doctor of medical sciences, professor, corresponding member of the National Academy of Medical Sciences of Ukraine, head of the diabetes department of NMAPE named after A.M. P. Shupika Boris Mankovsky, a correspondent Ukrinform reports.

“To date, there is no evidence that diabetes increases the risk of developing coronavirus infection. In other words, the risk of getting COVID-19 is the same in people with diabetes and without diabetes. However, if a person with diabetes is still sick with this infection, the course of this disease is much worse, the risk of mortality is much higher, the risk of complications is much higher. And it is very important to remember all the doctors who provide care and diabetic patients in order to take maximum measures of self-isolation, quarantine, “said Mankovsky.

At the same time, he noted that the results of the study showed that, unfortunately, the clinical picture of COVID-19 in patients with diabetes mellitus is somewhat better than in people without diabetes. The absence of such pronounced manifestations may allow the doctor to wrongly conclude that the disease occurs in a mild or moderate form, when in fact it occurs in a severe form.

He also noted that in the context of the coronavirus epidemic, it is necessary to control diabetes, to check the level of glucose in the blood, since there is evidence that human insulin requirements increase significantly.

“We must direct our efforts towards an active and rapid detection of diabetes, since type II diabetes is in the vast majority of cases a disease that goes without complaints, so each person over 45 years old must determine his blood glucose level once a year more often, and people with risk factors – even at an earlier age, “insisted Mankovsky.

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As reported, by the morning of April 23 in Ukraine, 7,170 cases of COVID-19 had been registered, 578 new cases per day. As a result of complications from the disease, 187 people died. 504 people have recovered.

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