There is no militia, here the Russian army – “DPR” activist Alexander Zhuchkovsky has admitted that Russia is sending its soldiers to the Donbass



Ukrainian blogger and journalist Denis Kazansky spoke of the occupier’s frank recognition.

Alexander Zhuchkovsky
Alexander Zhuchkovsky (left photo). Photo –

It is reported by “MFN” referring to the video message from Kazan.

The well-known journalist has once again dispelled rumors that only residents of Donbas are fighting in the lava of activists at ORDLO. This time, one of the “DPR” terrorists, Alexander Zhuchkovsky, a citizen of the Russian Federation who has been fighting in the Donbas since 2014, helped to solve the crimes of Russia.

As Kazan, Zhuchkovsky is a fairly public person. And today, on his Vkontakte page, he wrote a confession that there is no “popular militia” in Donbass:

“So I don’t want to part with the romantic word” militia “… But the time has come to do so. The 7th year of the war is already underway in Donbas, and I can say that the so-called “popular militia” has long since disappeared here. An army appeared here … Poorly organized, but an army. And more specifically, then part of the Russian army, “- written by Zhuchkovsky.

According to Kazansky, the people who monitor the situation in the Donbas know very well who Alexander Zhuchkovsky is. Indeed, he often appears in the media, giving various interviews. In addition, not so long ago, Zhuchkovsky published his book entitled “85 days of Slavyansk”:

“In the book he describes how he fought in Slavyansk. Incidentally, in this book he also mentions Russia’s participation in the war in the Donbass. “

The reporter added that Zhuchkovsky is a very real fighter who participated in all military operations in the Donbass. He has been fighting there for 6 years and is considered a fairly famous “novoros”:

“I mean, he communicates easily with the so-called ‘leaders of the republics’. For example, the same Igor Strelkov, who also participated in the battles of Slavyansk. Daniil Bezsonov – “President of the People’s Police of the DPR”. Zhuchkovsky met the latter in 2014, in the same Slavyansk, and they are still friends. “

Zhuchkovsky’s archives also contain a photo with activist “Beard” – one of the founders of “DPR”, and with Yegor Prosvirnin – editor of the “Sputnik” and “Pogrom” propaganda sites.

Recall that we wrote earlier that Kazan showed the real attitude of activists towards Ukraine.

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