There will be a war, he has gone mad – Birch made an alarming statement after Putin’s words about Ukraine



Russia is preparing for war. Such a statement was made by former deputy Borislav Bereza, commenting on an interview with Russian President Putin, in which he spoke of Ukraine, Crimea and “Land of the Russian people”.

This is reported by the NPF with reference to

Borislav Birch.
Borislav Bereza made an alarming statement about Putin’s clever plans. Photo:

Birch said he had no doubt that Putin was preparing for a further worsening of the situation in relations with Ukraine, which is fraught with war.

The politician wrote about it on his Facebook page.

“I looked. He took a break for a few minutes to understand what he had heard. I looked again. I agree with everyone who has written that there will be a war. Will be. To my great regret. He’s crazy. “ – wrote Birch.

As the former people’s deputy noted, Putin experienced impunity after the impudent annexation of Crimea and the occupation of Donbas, “Because it didn’t hurt her”. Anti-Russian sanctions have hurt ordinary Russians, but they have not affected Russia’s senior leadership.

“But Putin did not personally hurt him. He and his entourage are comfortable. And the Russians? Their opinion and feelings towards the king are not interested. It is just a consumable that he has never appreciated. “ – noted Birch.

According to a Ukrainian politician, the Tsar of the Kremlin is raving about a new empire, a new Scoop, which he seeks to build. Only this architectural structure can turn out to be a Colossus with feet of clay, which can collapse at any given time, crushing all the builders led by Putin.

Earlier, it was reported that he had been made aware of Putin’s new insidious plan.



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