There will be no temporary barriers for parties in local elections, I will not allow it – Zelensky



According to the Constitution of Ukraine, all citizens of the country have equal rights to participate in local council elections and can be elected by vote.

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Video message from President Zelensky.
Zelensky said no entry barriers were allowed during local elections. Photo:

Addressing a video message to the Ukrainians, President Zelensky said he would not allow any manipulation of various political forces in the preparation and conduct of local elections.

All attempts to create temporary barriers for small regional parties will be thwarted.

According to the president, every Ukrainian citizen has the right to be elected. This right is guaranteed by the State Constitution.

“Consequently, there will be no 2/3, 5% or other” regimes “. This position is mine, and the party” Servant of the people “, – said Zelensky.

He drew attention to the fact that in the attempts Crawl In the local authorities, certain political forces are trying to modify Ukrainian legislation by placing obstacles to the participation of young regional parties and non-partisan citizens in local elections.

“In fact, depriving small parties and non-partisan citizens of the opportunity to change their region for the better. I will not allow that, “ – said Zelensky.

Watch the full version of President Zelensky’s video address

Earlier, elections were reported in the uncontrolled Donbas territories.

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