There Will Be Serious Consequences – Former Canadian Ambassador To Ukraine Said What Authorities Wanted To Arrest Poroshenko



Roman Vaschuk, Canadian diplomat and Ambassador of Ukraine to Canada (2014 to 2019), is convinced that the criminal cases against the fifth president are the work of Kolomoisky and Portnov.

Petro poroshenko
Petro Poroshenko. Photo –

The diplomat wrote about it in his Twitterbetrays “MFN”.

According to Vashchuk, the authorities should not arrest Poroshenko simply because the oligarch Kolomoisky and the scandalous lawyer, an official of the time of Yanukovich Andrey Portnov want it.
The diplomat stressed that these two simply want to take revenge on the fifth president for their financial losses:

“In mid-2019, the new government planned to arrest Poroshenko. Then Portnov and Kolomoisky strongly wanted to take revenge on the fifth president for the fact that during his reign their reputation and their economy suffered. Thanks to their media resources, they created a solid negative around Poroshenko. “

At the same time, notes the diploma, it has nothing against if the predecessors actually involved in corruption are brought to justice:

“But the open persecution of Poroshenko, an important and well-known partner of Western politicians, is a big mistake. And that will only bring bad consequences. “

We will recall, earlier we wrote that they wanted to take Poroshenko under arrest.



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