These are fights – people from social media have talked about the situation in Elenovka



Residents of Ordlo, who are trying to cross the “Elenovka” checkpoint controlled by “DPR” combatants, reported the situation at the checkpoint on social media. People on social media write that every day there is a huge queue near the CPVV who wants to enter the territory controlled by Ukraine.

CPVV “Elenovka”. Photos –

This was reported by the portal Donpressreferring to social networks, reports MFN.

Social media users write that the queue near the KPVV “Elenovka” has started to line up overnight. There are those who line up at 3 a.m.

“We got up from 3 nights, the checkpoint opens at 9 am, so until noon we stayed there like that, there was no movement. They understood that it made no sense, ”wrote one of the eyewitnesses.

Residents of the temporarily occupied territories write that it is almost impossible to pass control of the CPLV in Elenovka in one day. As a result, many people decide to stay overnight at the checkpoint.

“We have already spent the night. We lined up yesterday at 6 a.m., but we still have a lot of cars ahead of us. So we are preparing for the second night, ”wrote one of the users of social networks.

In social networks, people call the situation on the KPVV “Elenovka” “mockery of people”. ORDLO residents note that people are desperate and even comes to fight between families for a place in the queue.

“These are fights between a man and a woman; to the point that there are parents with children who are 3 months old. There are no words, I don’t even want to swear, I don’t have any strength, ”wrote one of the eyewitnesses in the comments.

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