These cars are more often than other victims of fatal accidents: statistics for the last accounting period



In today’s competitive environment, automotive manufacturers’ specialists are constantly developing and improving systems to keep them safe.

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The most dangerous cars are named.
Named the most dangerous cars in terms of accident mortality. Photo:

However, despite this, the mortality rate in road accidents involving passenger cars remains very high compared to large vehicles.

Every 4 years, specialists from the Insurance Institute for Highway Safety in the United States analyze the statistical data and calculate the level of mortality in fatal accidents.

According to research, for the period 2015-2018, the highest death rates in road accidents were found in the models of subcompact cars. At the same time, for some medium-sized crosses, mortality was found to be zero.

According to the results of the analysis, the Ford Fiesta recorded the most deaths in road accidents: 141 deaths per 1 million cars registered.

In second position, the fatal odds were Hyundai Accent: 116 corpses.

In addition to them, the five most dangerous cars included the Chevrolet Sonic (Aveo) – 98 tragic cases, the second generation Nissan Note – 96 dead and the FIAT 500 – 95 dead per million cars.

It is interesting to note that the Volkswagen Golf, which proved to be “immortal” during this period, although it was one of the worst during the previous reference period, showing the result of 63 corpses .

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