These savages will teach us patriotism – Azarov has shown that Ukrainians will seek money



Former Ukrainian Prime Minister Mykola Azarov has decided once again to show how things are going in the country. This time, he presented images on his page showing how people get amber. According to him, in this video you can see savages who teach Ukrainians how to live and what language to speak.

Mykola Azarov
Mykola Azarov. Photo –

This was reported by myself Azarov on his Twitter page, reports “MFN”.

“Almost exactly, Ukrainian Prime Minister Denis Shmygal has in fact created the jobs he promised. So after the coup, Ukraine changed. Just look at the faces of men who catch pieces of amber in their dirty mud with a net. These savages will teach us patriotism, also indicating the language to be spoken, “said Azarov.

Social media users also commented on this. Some of them agreed that this work was rather humiliating. However, another party expressed that the picture was not better even during the reign of Azarov, and the criticism on his part was ordinary propaganda.

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