These scum lied – Solovyov accused the media of defamation and asked for compensation



Famous Russian TV presenter Vladimir Solovyov raised the subject of journalistic standards and slander. He said a number of media outlets are working in the West and are at war with and with Russia. Soloviev, expressively, demanded that he be compensated for defamation.

Vladimir Soloviev
Vladimir Soloviev. Photo –

It is reported by “MK“, Reports” NPF “.

Soloviev said that there is media in the Russian Federation whose sole purpose is to inflict damage on the Russian Federation. He believes that these media “discredit respected professionals”. Among these professionals, Solovyov was awarded, Simonyan, Brelev and Kiselev.

“There are media outlets in which some liars have ended up. These Interlocutor bastards have been shamelessly lying about the fact that I get paid a million dollars a month. You pay me for it. Come on, where’s my million? Prove and then make such accusations. You will pay me a million for such words, ”said Soloviev.

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