These zodiac signs will be protected by higher powers in July: the astrologer’s forecasts



For many representatives of the zodiac, it is no secret that in critical situations, the guardian angels help them.

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For the protection of higher forces.
These zodiac representatives will be protected by higher powers in July. Photo:

The astrologer Vasilisa Volodina presented these signs of the zodiac which will be protected in July by higher powers.


Taurus in July awaits special protection from the universe. She will take them under her wing and provide powerful protection against all evils. Representatives of this zodiac sign should abandon the past and boldly head for a new future, boldly undertake new projects, and not be afraid to take risks. You should also try to say goodbye to bad habits right now.


Twins, as a rule, rarely worry about their problems. Their universe has already attributed a light character and a love of life. Representatives of this sign can only perceive themselves as the favorites of fate, which they will especially feel in July. They will be very lucky in all situations.


According to their horoscope, the Virgin is distinguished from the others by a higher degree of pragmatism. They are skeptical of the existence of luck and higher powers, relying only on themselves. But the Universe will not be offended and will always help the Virgin especially in July. It will support them in everything and protect them from troubles and anxieties.


Sagittarius is generally lucky in life. These signs are destined by fate to live interesting years and to attend amazing events. They are risky and adventurous, which can sometimes create serious problems. But in July, each Sagittarius will have a guardian angel, who will protect him from all boredom and all ordeal.

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