They are common thieves – Andrei Razin accused Pugachev and Leontiev of stealing his songs



Studio founder “Tender May” Andrei Razin accused Alla Pugacheva and Valery Leontyev of stealing his songs, calling them “main pirates of the XX-XXI centuries”, as well as “common thieves”.

This is reported by the NPF with reference to

Andrey Razin Protv Pugacheva and Leontiev.
Andrei Razin called Pugachev and Leontiev banal thieves. Photo:

Razin wrote about it in his microblog on Instagram. Producer said Pugacheva appropriated his song “And somewhere, the rains are going away.”

“Indeed, it was written by my order by Valery Razumovsky, and was recorded by me in 1997. Of course, it was a shock to me when, in 2007, I suddenly saw on TV, on ‘Song of the Year “, Alla Pugacheva sang my song. Also, I paid money for this song and became its copyright holder, “ – wrote Razin.

Leontiev, according to Razin, quails his song Eldoradofor which he “paid crazy money”.

“By the way, neither Leontiev nor Pugacheva paid me a penny for these songs. But the bottom line is that they are common thieves. And the worst thing for me is that they spoiled them with their performance. I was just horrified by the mediocrity of my songs, “ – Razin was indignant at the actions of his colleagues.

The publication of Razin caused a sensation on the Instagram network.

“Wow, is it really possible, their arrogance is at the highest level”, “Oh, God be their judge,” – users comment on the situation.

A new threat to the Kremlin had already been reported.

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