They can’t recognize the fact – Leshchenko shared how Dubinsky and Buzhansky reacted to the fact that they weren’t added to the new faction chat



Former MP, journalist Sergey Leshchenko writes that MPs Maxim Buzhansky and Alexander Dubinsky are outraged that colleagues from the “Servant of the People” faction did not add them to the new faction conversation. But, to put it publicly, they are in no rush.

Buzhansky and Dubinsky
Deputies of the “Servant of the People” party Alexander Dubinsky and Maxim Buzhansky. Photo –

Leschenko wrote about this in his Telegram-channel, reports MFN.

MPs Maxim Buzhansky and Alexander Dubinsky are outraged by the actions of their colleagues. As you know, the deputies of the “Servant of the People” party created a new working chat in Telegram, only Buzhansky, Dubinsky and some other deputies, representatives of the so-called “Kolomoisky group” were not added to the chat of work.

“Dubinsky and Buzhansky are exhausted after the news that their own colleagues in the Servant of the People have disconnected them from communication within the faction,” writes Leshchenko.

According to Leshchenko, Buzhansky and Dubinsky continue to write messages in the old hours, while their colleagues are massively removed from this chat.

Leshchenko also noted that Buzhansky and Dubinsky cannot publicly announce that they have simply been “kicked out” of the faction cat.

“Dubinsky and Buzhansky cannot publicly acknowledge that they have been excluded from the chat, where real discussions are taking place, as this undermines their political weight,” writes Leshchenko.

Earlier, we wrote that in the new conversation of the faction “Servant of the people”, they had not added Dubinsky and Buzhansky.

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