They hide and don’t tell Pushilin – the blogger reported on the actions of the Russian military in the Donbass



Despite the global coronavirus pandemic and the economic crisis, the Kremlin has not abandoned an aggressive policy towards Ukraine. The Russian Federation continues to send its military personnel to the Donbass and to transfer military equipment.

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This is reported by the portal Donpressreferring to the Telegram channel of blogger “Freethinker”, reports MFN.

According to a blogger writing under the nickname Freethinker, the coronavirus pandemic has not become an obstacle for Russian military personnel. They always go to the Donbass. The blogger writes that cadets graduating from military schools should be sent to the Donbass, supposedly “to train”.

The blogger explains in detail to whom the Russian Federation sends to fight in the Donbass:

“Mortars, artillerymen, tankers, rocket launchers and a bunch of other mercenary vacationers. This whole gang of traitors doesn’t forget Putin’s task of capturing Ukraine, ”wrote the blogger.

The blogger noted that the fact that the Russian Federation continues to transfer military equipment to the Donbass indicates that neither the economic crisis nor the coronavirus are preventing Putin from his idea of ​​taking over Ukraine.

In addition, the blogger discovered that Russia was transporting labor and military equipment through the old border checkpoint at Uspenka. The blogger “Freethinker” noted that recently the Russian Federation continues to send military equipment to the Donbass, but in small quantities. According to him, there has not been any rotation recently either.

The blogger also noted an interesting fact: the Russian conservatives hide the transfer of military equipment to the head of the so-called “DPR” Denis Pushilin.

“The Russians hide and camouflage the transfer of troops and equipment, and do not tell the talkative Pushilin and his entourage,” writes the blogger.

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