They hide behind the backs of civilians – at the head of the OOS, they spoke of the unacceptable behavior of Ordlo activists



According to Ukrainian intelligence, the occupiers place weapons among the residential buildings and directly from there they shoot at positions of the armed forces.

War in Donbas
War in the Donbass. Stock Photo –

This was reported by “MFN” referring to the headquarters Environmental protection.

It is noted here that activists from unrecognized republics openly violate the rules of war and international humanitarian law:

“Activists often say that they care about their people, that they want peace … And they neglect their promises themselves. It has only been in the past two days that the invaders have repeatedly fired on the Ukrainian army from residential areas. Thus, the enemy not only created a threat to civilians, but also demonstrated how much the Russian army likes to hide behind the backs of children and women. “

In particular, as reported to CAB, militants have deployed artillery systems near homes in the village of Nepal. Vasilyevka and Yakovlevka: from there, they shot at the positions of the Ukrainian armed forces near Kamyanka. Also, from the village of Bayrak, the invaders fired on the APU near Novolugansk:

“Artillery mounts were also placed in the streets of Golubovka. Before the eyes of civilians, weapons were placed and prepared for the bombing of Novotoshkivsky. If they opened fire, the shells would fly directly over people’s homes. “

Now, according to Ukrainian intelligence, representatives of illegal armed groups forcibly evacuate residents of the northwestern regions of Donetsk:

“By their actions, the militants are trying to force the APU fighters to retaliate, in order to later accuse Ukraine of disrupting the Minsk agreements and shooting civilians.

We note that the military environmental protection system has never fought and will not fire on residential buildings and civilian facilities. Only the Russian occupying forces are capable of this. “

Recall that earlier we wrote that the militants of Ordlo fired 12 times at the positions of the APU,



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