They plan to integrate the E-Health system into the Diya app



They plan to integrate the E-Health system into the Diya app

25/06.2020 18:10


The Ministry of Health and the Ministry of Digital Transformation are working to integrate the e-health system into the Diya application.

This was announced during a briefing on June 25 by the Deputy Minister of Health for digital development, Yaroslav Kucher, reports a correspondent for Ukrinform.

“With our partners from the Ministry of Digital Transformation, we want to integrate the E-Health system into the Diya application. … We are also working with the medical reports of the E-Malyatko system so that all documents can be saved directly at the hospital, and so that young parents can think only of choosing the child’s name and not you’re not dealing with paper issues, “said the deputy minister.

In addition, according to Kucher, plans for the development of the electronic health system include the introduction of the possibility of signing statements with the family doctor online, without compulsory visit to a specialist, the possibility of choosing a doctor from the system based on comments and recommendations.

The coachman noted that the electronic health system already has some functional functionality. In particular, when concluding a declaration with a doctor, information about the patient appears in the system, the family doctor, as part of his functionality, can enter information about the patient in his medical file, write a prescription for the “available drugs” program, and the patient can obtain it at the pharmacy using the SMS code from the system.

There is also an electronic reference to restricted specialists.

“The functioning of the medical directorate works, the person is sent, he must not carry any piece of paper, everything is in the system. On arrival at a certain institution, a person can show an SMS code which allows direct access to a doctor at this medical institution with his medical card. “Said the coachman.

In addition, according to him, the E-Health system accumulates statistics on patients infected with a coronavirus

“Statistics information is now posted in real time on the NLES website. You can select by region, by city, it works in real time, and many use this information to work,” said Kucher.

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As noted, the brand and concept of the Diya app were presented on September 27, 2019 in Kiev. It was then that it was announced as an application and a portal which will bring together in a single electronic window all the services provided by the State to citizens and businesses.

The Diya app can be downloaded for free from the App Store and Play Market. User identification is carried out using BankID technology via the National Bank system and PrivatBank.

“Diya” works both with the Internet and offline.

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