They therefore most often fall ill: the main cause of the second wave of coronavirus is named



After months of fighting the coronavirus, the company has managed to overcome the peak of the threat, but experts worry about the most common way of transmitting the deadly virus, which could soon lead to a powerful second wave of infections.

Valentina ginzburg
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It is reported by “Ukrinform“, Reports” NPF “.

The director of the health department of the Kiev city state administration, Valentina Ginzburg, addressed citizens with important information, she noted that doctors without the help of the population are not able to completely stop the virus.

“In order to avoid a repeat of the disaster, the citizens themselves must do something,” said the official.

She noted that the situation could worsen as people no longer follow quarantine precautions, which is the main cause of new infections, which can lead to the second wave of coronavirus.

“Keeping people at home all the time is a mistake, but to save Ukraine and ourselves, it is necessary to show a decent level of consciousness and meet the quarantine requirements,” she said. .

The expert further noted that almost 90% of all infections are transmitted by hands.

“In public places, it is extremely important to use gloves, as unprotected contact on the handle of a supermarket door can cost you health or even life,” she said.

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