They want to humiliate the Revolution of Dignity – Turchinov worries about the persecution of Tatyana Chornovol



Former NSDC secretary Alexander Turchinov recalled the events of February 18, 2014 and accused the authorities of trying to rewrite history.

Alexander Turchinov
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It is reported by the “MFN” referring to the page of Alexander Turchinov in Facebook.

Today’s search for Tatyana Chornovol and the announcement of her suspicions of murder, the politician considers a dangerous harbinger of revenge:

“I can never forget February 18, 20104. Then, the crazy authorities wanted to drown the Maidan in blood … Activists were killed in Institutskaya, and the wounded in Mariinsky Park were finished with metal rods.

Already in the evening, against all the unprotected militants of the Maidan, all the security forces of Kiev were denounced, describing their crimes as an anti-terrorist operation. “They set the Union Chamber on fire, fired and bombed the Maidan with grenades.”

Turchinov added that on this tragic day, 28 Maidan militants were killed and many more injured and injured:

“Then there weren’t a lot of people in the portico … but we survived and we won. “In these terrible days, Tatyana Chornovol was with us who, after recovering from serious injuries, returned to work.”

And now Turchinov states that due to the events of February 18, 2014, Chornovol began to be persecuted:

“They feed on the rewriting of Ukrainian history, humiliate the Revolution, victory and achievements, which are recognized in the civilized world.”

We will remind, earlier we wrote that Goncharenko had warned Zelensky because of the searches of Tatyana Chornovol.

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