They want to intimidate the “Servant of the people” by force: the National Corps attacked a government official (video)



Representatives of the National Body, with a radical spirit, attempted in the middle of the day to attack the people’s deputy of the Servant of the People faction Sergei Litvinenko. The incident occurred in the Rivne region, during the conflict, the blow fell on the police and the deputy’s car.

Sergey Litvinenko
Sergey Litvinenko. Photo –

It is reported, reports “MFN”.

The attackers prepared stones, paint and eggs to launch a representative of power. In addition, the radicals had firearms with them.

The people’s deputy said that the police succeeded in warning him in advance of the impending attack and thanks to that he survived.

“From 1 p.m. to 3 p.m., I was engaged in welcoming citizens, after which the chief of police approached me urgently and warned me that the National Corps was preparing to prepare to organize the Maidan. He added that law enforcement officers noticed stones, paint and radical eggs, which they intended to use against me. In addition, they told me that they had firearms. I listened to the warning and decided to leave the room, “said Litvinenko.

In other events, the radicals used a pyrotechnic product which injured a police officer. In the video, you can see the shock of human rights defenders with representatives of the National Corps.

Recall, as noted earlier, that the parasites think we owe them something – the Russian authorities have issued an insulting warning to Ukraine.



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