They wanted to state level, but everything changed – Zelensky commented on the trip to Oman



Vladimir Zelensky said he did not understand why his trip to Oman was considered a secret and compared to Poroshenko’s trip to the Maldives.

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About this writes “MFN”.

According to the president, in December, he had many events: the Norman summit, the exchange of prisoners, negotiations took place on December 31 with Putin, during which the Russian president was “pressed” and received 3 billion dollars from Gazprom:

“I have children, a family … They flew to Oman to rest. They have every right to do so. And I wanted to hold state meetings in Oman and other eastern countries.

You know that in Oman, we did not even have an ambassador. There was no relationship with Oman, Saudi Arabia … We were preparing for these meetings. “

But at that time, the Sultan of Oman was in serious condition, noted the President, so the meetings had to be canceled:

“We had to hold private meetings. In such a situation, as an honest person, I could not use state money. Therefore, I went to my family. My family paid for everything. I was there … It seems that three days, I do not remember exactly … But later, there was a plane crash with the UIA and I quickly returned to Ukraine. “

The president said he did not go to Oman secretly, but simply bought a ticket in his name and flew to his family. And no one knew, because no one was interested:

“I don’t have to show up for my personal meetings. I also go to the shower, I love my children … What should I say about this? I do not understand who is promoting this subject with Oman, it is my personal business. “

Recall that we wrote earlier that the OPU had told us what Zelensky was doing in Oman.



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