They were afraid for his life – deputy head of OP Trofimov spoke of the threat to Zelensky



The first deputy head of the office of the President of Ukraine, Sergey Trofimov, said that on the eve of the 2019 presidential election, Vladimir Zelensky’s team was afraid for his life. MP Andrei Yermak said there were concerns that the presidential candidate for Ukraine, Vladimir Zelensky, would be “sacked”.

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This is reported by the NPF, referring to YuoTube- Dmitry Gordon canal.

The first deputy head of the presidential office, Sergei Trofimov, in an interview with journalist Dmitry Gordon, shared information hitherto unknown. Trofimov said that in the spring of 2019, people close to Vladimir Zelensky feared for his life. He also noted that some media were actively disseminating rumors of a possible assassination attempt against the Ukrainian leader. The politician believes that all these actions were planned to destabilize the situation on the eve of the elections.

According to the deputy head of the PO, he and people close to the head of state were afraid for his life. But Mr. Zelensky himself, according to MP Ermak, did not panic at all about this.

“They were afraid for his life. And not just me. But at Zelensky, I never observed any fear about it, ”said Trofimov.

Trofimov noted that Zelensky had correctly assessed the situation. He also stressed that the current head of state, on the eve of the elections, remained calm.

But who could need a “swing” of these rumors in the media on the eve of the 2019 elections, Trofimov does not know. He did not share his assumptions.

It should be noted that before, at the office of the Head of State, they had declared that Zelensky was starting to trust people less. This information was previously communicated by another deputy head of the OP Yuri Kostyuk.

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