They will give the Donbass twice, and they will give Crimea: Girkin on the prospects of the temporarily occupied territories



One of the former leaders of the illegal armed groups of the Russian occupation forces in the Donbass Igor Girkin “Strelkov” shared his thoughts on the future prospects of the “L / DPR”.

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Former leader of Girkin-Strelkov activists.
Former Russian mercenary Girkin spoke about the prospects for Donbas and Crimea. Photo:

Strelkov-Girkin said that in his opinion, Putin will merge not only Donbas, but also Crimea.

The statement of the former activist leader was published on Twitter by the blogger under the nickname “Necro Mancer”. (See Video)

According to Girkin-Strelkov, the Kremlin suspended the history of the Donbass, after which, probably, the L / DPR will be over.

He expressed confidence that the first people in the Russian Federation will support the Kremlin’s “retreat” in the history of Donbas.

“Because Medvedev is there, or Mishustin, the same Shoigu, who, by the way, has always been against Donbass, well, personally against, they will make him for one or two!” And they will deliver Crimea! ” said a former Russian mercenary.

Earlier, it was reported that Putin had received a harsh warning from the NATO Secretary General for the Donbass.

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