Thief in Okhmatdet for 30 million: NABU announced three suspicions



Thief in Okhmatdet for 30 million: NABU announced three suspicions

05.05.2020 20:59


The National Anti-Corruption Office of Ukraine and the Office of the Prosecutor specializing in the fight against corruption announced to three people the suspicion of having caused 30 million UAH of losses in the supply of equipment for the new Okhmatdet hospital building.

This was reported by the NABU press service.

“On May 5, 2020, NABU and SAP informed three people of the suspicion of causing 30 million UAH of damage to the state – these funds were to go towards the construction of a new building for the medical and diagnostic complex of the national specialized hospital for children of Okhmatdet “, indicates the report.

As noted by NABU, we are talking about the former director of the state-owned customer construction company “Ukrmedproektstroy”, the head of a private enterprise-general contractor, as well as the head of the enterprise-custodian of the equipment that should have been used to equip the hospital.

The actions of the former head of Ukrmedproektstroy are qualified according to part 2 of article 28 (committing a crime by a group of people by prior conspiracy – ed), part 2 of article 364 (abuse of power or official position – editor’s note), part 1 of article 366 (official forgery – ed.) of the Criminal Code of Ukraine. Private business owners charged with committing crimes under part 5 of section 27, part 2 of section 28, part 2 of section 364, part 1 article 366 of the Ukrainian Criminal Code.

“As the location of the head of the security firm has not yet been established, he has been informed of the suspicion in accordance with article 135, article 278 of the Code of Criminal Procedure of Ukraine. The question of declaring him wanted is being decided, “noted the NABU.

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As the investigation established, in 2013, conspiracy suspects actually fabricated documents that allegedly confirmed the supply of engineering and technical equipment for the new hospital building in Okhmatdet.

“In fact, there was no delivery and nothing was transferred to storage. However, the general contractor received money for the material delivered exclusively” on paper “. actions, damages to state interests have been inflicted, the size of which exceeds 30 million UAH, “stressed NABU.

Detectives started an investigation into these facts in September 2017 after receiving documents from the National Police of Ukraine.

The relevant decree on the competence to exercise over the National Office was published by the Attorney General in August 2017.

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