This can harm your health: the usual products that become dangerous in the raw



There are a number of products that we used to eat raw without worrying about their usefulness. To protect their health and that of their loved ones, experts recommend eating the following foods only in prepared form.

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It is reported by ““, Reports” NPF “.


Potatoes contain starch, which in its raw form threatens a bloated person. Raw starch is extremely difficult for the human body to absorb, which makes raw potatoes quite dangerous.


Many people have a numb habit of eating raw sausages, but this approach is dangerous. Raw sausages can contain listeria – these bacteria can cause a number of rather unpleasant illnesses (encephalitis, meningitis and others). These bacteria are especially dangerous for pregnant women because they can cause miscarriage.

Meat and poultry

Raw or semi-raw meat is very likely to trigger gastroenteritis. Other reasons to abstain from raw meat are salmonella and E. coli.

Sprouted grains

There is a widely held view that it is even useful to use unprocessed sprouts. Such a myth is dangerous. In addition to useful vitamins, sprouts may contain salmonella and Escherichia coli, which reduces the benefits of the sprouts.

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