This crisis will teach us financial self-sufficiency. But it’s not ok


Ivan Korykin

Financier, Strategic Advisor, Coach

It seems that only Lazy did not say about the upcoming financial problems. How do we answer them? Thanks to psychologists, we have learned and experienced all stages of response – denial, anger, bargaining, apathy, and acceptance.

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If nothing is done, everything starts again after the first cycle. You can continue walking in a circle – or take action. To begin with – to identify and consider the causes of what happened. Like any problem, financial people are the best teachers, because we are not developing in a well-fed time.

Most of us know only one way to get money – recruitment. But in the current environment, companies can no longer guarantee their employees permanent employment and financial stability. The problem is that sitting on the needle of the corporate structure does not build self-reliance skills in financial matters.

But neither in school nor in university are they preparing us for self-employment. What would be the ideal situation to promote financial self-sufficiency? like him:

  • Identification and development of talent in school and university
  • We get freelance skills – product creation, presentation art, business planning, sales, communication, personal brand, financial management and more.
  • We start the activity using the freemium model – a combination of free and paid activities
  • We are developing a regular customer base, word of mouth is working and is becoming popular through free activity in social networks, events etc.
  • From time to time we unite with others in project teams, and when they are finished, we return to freelance.

In developed economies, in response to this request, Gigonomics is actively developing – the economy of short-term contracts. Original McKinsey Study 4 years ago (I have yet to find out) that there are 162 million freelancers in the USA and EU. It also established that although 30% of the freelancers were forced and returned to happy hiring, there is a clear trend of more than 100 million voluntarily choosing this direction.

That is, in one way or another, we need to consciously acquire and develop financial self-reliance skills. In addition, online opens up opportunities for which we were not exhausted sooner in previous situations.

But what to do under the circumstances?

The option “Teach me how to live, help me financially” will not work. If we really want to solve financial problems, we work with our consciousness. The concepts of poverty and prosperity are born in our mind: give money to extravagance – she will lose it, give it to the rich – she will increase it. That is, the trend towards financial literacy and strategic thinking will recreate prosperity in any situation and circumstances – even “from scratch”.

but that’s not all. If we have not acted out of fear of losing money, we may be desperate that no one will ever hand over the management of large capital to us if our source of income suddenly stops or we lose some resources.

It is important to understand that money is a derivative of our consciousness and mindset. As long as this consciousness is alive and evolving, the subject of money cannot be a problem. The state of “no money” is a state of limited consciousness, accustomed to receiving money in a normal way and not being able to see too many other options and opportunities.

Conscious consciousness in combination with the acquired skills of financial self-reliance will stabilize us in any situation – even crisis ones.


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