This has never happened before: Putin announced global problems in the energy sector



Russian President Vladimir Putin has said that Russia has not yet encountered large-scale energy problems as it currently does.

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Putin made a candid statement.
Putin recognized the existence of global problems in the energy sector. Photo:

According to the President, the spread of coronavirus infection has negatively affected the world economy. Energy demand has dropped sharply.

“These problems are systemic and go far beyond national borders”, – said Putin.

The head of the Kremlin noted that the world energy market is not the first to face large fluctuations in the situation, but “It didn’t happen”.

“We will continue to establish effective cooperation with foreign partners, to conclude agreements on the equilibrium of the energy market, to seek solutions which will allow companies to implement long-term plans, to invest in development and creating new jobs “, – Putin said.

Earlier, it was reported that for Putin could soon arrive the day “X”.

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